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An optimized workflow in an environment where quality meets innovation.

Merit Medical Systems, Inc. is a worldwide designer, developer, manufacturer and marketer of medical devices used in interventional and diagnostic procedures. The European headquarters, located in Maastricht, The Netherlands, ships over 1000 boxes a day throughout Europe, The Middle-East and Africa.

Their mission statement includes the need to innovate, as “Customer centricity demands constant innovation, evolution, and reinvention.”

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“No matter how our operation is evolving, we are sure that Ranpak can assist us with solutions that fit our company.”


John Doe, manager

Application and customer challenges
With a growth of 26% last year, and an expected double digit growth for the coming years, the constant optimizing of the packaging process is a direct need for higher management. 11 packers work in 2 shifts, with a minimal cut-off time for orders throughout EMEA. Previously, Merit used airbags produced away from the packing tables, to fill the empty spaces in the shipping boxes.

But as the number of shipments became higher every day, the efficiency of the packing process was decreasing. Next to that, the fragile and often expensive medical products were not protected to the fullest.

While the pack stations were re-designed, 6 TT cutters were installed with a table clamp, in order to maximize floor space. As the paper shoots on demand inside the box, packers are faster and the packaging time per box decreases. The main reasons to choose Ranpak converters are the quality of the paper and converters, and the additional efficiency of the process. The offered added value of the Ranpak engineers was highly appreciated, as they used their experience to create an ultimate packaging flow and packaging table set-up.

Business results
As we are rapidly growing, we need to have a packaging partner that is able to keep up. No matter how our operation is evolving, we are sure that Ranpak can assist us with solutions that fit our company. Their knowledge on influencing a packaging process is enormous, and our damage rate is almost zero.

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