Protection of your products

Your main goal is to bring damage rates back to a minimum. Our packaging solutions offer optimal protection for your fragile goods and maximum satisfaction rates with your customers. Furthermore, it results in less returns which also means saving on operational costs.

Nature of paper
Due to its strong natural fibers paper is an effective protective material.

Smart Engineering
Specific stitching techniques and packaging techniques elevate the protective properties of paper.

Paper weights
Different paper weights can be used to protect effectively according to the weight of the products to be packed.

Top 3 most valued properties of packaging material for e-commerce

20% of respondents returned a product due to damages on arrival

“Protection is in our nature.”

Protection is in our nature. That means we at Ranpak offer clear evidence for the protection our solutions offer. We do this by implementing drop tests and developing reports to demonstrate its results.

Ranpak helped the Music Store determine that the larger/fragile items they are packaging would be protected and cushioned using PadPak® LC pads that drop into the box automatically. The orders that only required void fill are filled using FillPak® converters. This allows the Music Store to ship up to 1000 orders a day.  These inline solutions offer the speed and protection this customer needed, while keeping packaging cost at a minimum.

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