6. Control
in-the-box costs

Protect the planet and
increase your bottom line

Experience shows that the ‘total cost of ownership’ of Ranpak packaging is lower. We offer several sustainable options that optimize and integrate a better packaging solution into your existing process. That means helping you to cut labour and material costs and reducing damage return rates.

Speed things up

Ranpak paper packaging solutions are easy and intuitive to use.  Paper shapes are produced rapidly by our packaging converters, and packers adapt easily to working with the flexible packaging material. Training your staff is, of course, a help – and our packaging engineering department can make sure your staff are fully equipped to realize all of the benefits.

Equip your staff

We’ll recommend the best and most cost-effective packaging solution for your product, and then our team will continue to support you as you implement the new process. Ranpak’s packaging engineers and sales representatives can visit your facility to help train your packers on using our products – in the most efficient way and complete with an on-site cost analysis.

Reduce your damage return

A damaged product can cost you 17 times the original cost of shipping – something that no e-commerce company can afford. 90% of your problems can be solved by choosing the right protective packaging material. Paper is naturally very absorbent, and able to absorb strong shocks, thanks to its flexible but strong fibres.

Make your warehouse efficient

On-demand production is crucial for efficient use of your warehouse space. Our paper packaging system provides the volume of packaging you need, where and when you need it – at the pack table or directly into the box. That eliminates unnecessary space in your warehouse, and ensures that the trucks supplying your operation can carry more goods than ever before.

Request your packaging engineering report
with your own cost calculation!

We will analyse your current packaging, and benchmark it against a new Ranpak design created by our package engineers. You’ll see a major improvement, and our engineers can provide performance testing and analysis, with estimated cost of materials and new box specifications.

Think about automation?

We provide dedicated end-of-line automation solutions for logistics distribution centres. Turnkey solutions include carton erecting, box height reduction, automatic cushioning insertion, carton closing and ship label application. Add-ons such as document/advertising insertion and palletizing can also  be part of your solution.

It all means lower labour, storage and shipment costs – and a far better customer unpacking experience.

Find the solution
that fits
your business

Ranpak lets you acquire complete in-the-box packaging solutions that are a great fit for your industry, packaging needs and scale.

Find your solution


Let us have a few simple details and our packaging expert will contact you
to discuss your own organization’s requirements.

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