1. Don’t ship air

Choose the right box size

Size matters when you’re choosing packaging – 15% of our respondents were unhappy with the size of the box they received. You need packaging that provides enough protective material but is also appropriate in size compared to the product inside. Shipping extra air annoys your customers, increases your CO2 footprint and raises transportation costs.

Use less material

A smaller (and less expensive) box means you have less empty space, which can lead to savings on filling materials. Of course you don’t have to compromise on the protective value of in-the-box packaging material – damaged shipments are easy to avoid with the right packaging design.

Get the right advice

Our packaging engineers can help you to reduce damage rates, boost efficiency and cut costs, with solutions tailored to your needs. We can help you to design your in-the-box packaging, and train your packers. Support across the whole process means you get a truly effective, made-to-fit packaging solution, and improved sustainability.

Control your formats

Using too many box formats affects overall productivity – with more storage needed and more frequent transfers of stock to each pack station. Packers also tend to choose boxes that are too large. It all means unnecessary voids and higher costs.

Our Ranpak Automation division will help you to optimize the number of carton references, with our unique software Precub’it®. This software uses real customer data to recommend the best box formats for optimum filling rates and volumes shipped.

Customer experience ‘OMODA shoes’

“We have a new automated packaging solution. This new machine is not only very fast, but also knows how high the shoe box is that is inside the box and adjusts the box height accordingly. This ensures we ship 46% less air in the box.”

OMODA shoes, the Netherlands

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Automate your box resizing

Your carton sizes can be fully adjusted to the required height by Ranpak’s EVO Cut’it! an automatic packing machine, eliminating unnecessary voids above shipped products. The EVO Cut’it! machine automatically lowers the carton to the highest point of filling, and applies a glued lid on to the reduced box.

The EVO Cut’it machine automatically lowers the carton to the highest point of filling and applies a glued lid on to the reduced box.


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