2. Keep it safe
(and cool)

Get it there in peak condition

You can’t afford unsatisfied customers with damaged goods – returns are very expensive and keeping your customers happy is vital for your business. When you use exactly the right amount and type of material, you can improve your packaging operations and reduce your breakage rates significantly. Not only is paper protective, it is also an outstanding insulator- ideal for when you need to ship cold chain goods, such as food. 

Cope with heavy weights

Flexible paper is great for heavier packages because it ‘feathers’ with the product, absorbing shocks instead of transferring them. Paper has unique characteristics, and our paper packaging solutions offer easier handling and lower costs. You can achieve the right protective value, along with enhanced productivity, a simplified packaging process and improved sustainability.

Create an exact fit

Our packaging engineers can create a custom pack design, tailored to your customers’ needs. By testing and analysing your current packaging we ensure the best possible design for your own products – with the right paper type and the optimal amount of paper. That means an end to inadequate protection or wasted material.

Improve your cold chain

The construction industry often uses paper and its derivatives to protect buildings from heat loss – paper’s insulation properties are highly competitive compared with plastic alternatives. Ranpak can help you to exploit paper’s sheer insulating power for cold chain shipments of perishable products, including groceries, meat, meals and other food ingredients.

Customer experience ‘Diet Chef’

“After conducting intensive competitive tests, I was really confident about the Ranpak WrapPak solution. The special shaped paper performs the right temperature protection for our products”.

Fiona Boyd, Head of Product Innovation
at Diet Chef, Edinburgh, UK

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Get it tested

Ranpak’s Packaging Engineers test your package design so it performs well throughout your supply chain. Our laboratories have proven expertise and are fully equipped to conduct ISTA performance tests.

Reduce your damage rates

One of the most important tests for a package is the drop test. We can measure the impact of a drop on your products – for example, our tests with a car headlight show how much better paper performs, giving a much smaller impact when compared with foam.

Find a solution
that fits
your business

Ranpak lets you acquire complete in-the-box packaging solutions that are a great fit for your industry, packaging needs and scale.

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