4. Choose packaging
that pleases

A happy customer
is a returning customer

Your customers deserve a faster and happier unboxing experience – and Ranpak can help you increase customer satisfaction with your products from the start.

Make unboxing a pleasure

Product delivery and unboxing is a crucial (and continuously growing) part of e-commerce business. You don’t have the storefront and window displays of traditional retailers to draw consumers in. That means your packaging provides the first impression, and elevates a customer’s purchasing experience. Good presentation can help boost e-commerce sales, attract repeat customers, and build your brand.

Go green

Our eco-friendly packaging solutions protect your products during shipment and give a sustainability message to your customers. Since 1972 we have been delivering the highest quality of protective packaging that reflects our core commitment to sustainability. All of our natural packaging solutions are 100% recyclable, renewable and biodegradable. Most Ranpak paper packaging uses either entirely or partially recycled content. Our solutions also reduce packing time and materials, for significant cost savings.

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Get to know your customer

In e-commerce you may have many products to sell. Your customers are very different people, with different motives and values. Big data and customer profiling is becoming more and more important these days – check our unboxing videos to see examples of how our solutions fit some of the most popular customer profiles.

Customer experience ‘Riviera Maison’

“We actually don’t have customers, we have real fans. They greatly appreciate that the product is well packed with Geami WrapPak and that they get their “gift” delivered at home. That is important and fun; that’s why we do it”

Micha Jacobs, Manager DC Rivièra Maison

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Find the solution
that fits
your business

Ranpak lets you acquire complete in-the-box packaging solutions that are a great fit for your industry, packaging needs and scale.

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