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Ranpak is the global leader in environmentally friendly protective packaging solutions.
We offer innovative solutions that can have a lower total cost of ownership when compared
to plastic protective packaging products.

Paper packaging,
the sustainable solution
for in-the-box protection

Since 1972, we have become experts in the paper packaging industry, delivering the highest quality of protective packaging while preserving our commitment to sustainability. All of our natural packaging solutions are 100% recyclable, renewable and biodegradable. Most of Ranpak paper packaging consists of either entirely or partially recycled content. Our solutions reduce packing time and materials, resulting in significant cost savings.

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Sustainable features of paper
as a protective paper packaging material


Paper is one of the most sustainable products as it is made from renewable resources. It is biodegradable and can cycle back in its original source for renewable energy. As trees grow they absorb CO2 from the atmosphere.
Furthermore, as a wood product, paper also continues to store carbon throughout its lifetime.


Biodegradation is the process by which biological organisms break down substances into basic compounds like CO2, water, and biomass. For natural items like paper this process can take as little as a week to a few months. Other man-made products, as plastics, can take so long to degrade that for all practical purposes they are considered non-biodegradable.


Recycling paper conserves natural resources, saves energy, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and keeps landfill space available. Paper recycling reduces our dependence on oil products as plastic, which have some horrific effects on the environment. Paper is the most recycled product in Europe with a rate above 72%.

Ranpak Sustainable story

Check out the sustainable Power of Paper and discover our packaging alternatives against plastics.

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Keep our oceans clean

Even though people are aware of the plastics issue, they are not thinking about in the box packaging. More packages are being shipped today than ever before and more protective packaging is being shipped right along with them. In fact, plastic packaging accounts for half of our global plastic waste.

We offer the alternative, you make the choice.

Our next steps

Recycled paper configurations

We take our green approach a step further to be the smartest choice. Paper can be recycled up to 7 times, each time changing its attributes. We capitalize on this thought by offering an array of “green paper qualities” that are recycled to different degrees to suit different applications.

Well managed raw materials

We also focus on practicing our green DNA in every part of the value chain. For instance, our Geami paper is FSC® certified to ensure responsible natural resource management.

Reduce material use

Next to ensuring the materials used are as sustainable as possible, it is getting increasingly important to reduce material usage as well.
Automation systems to improve the packaging process, reduce waste and material usage are inventive solutions which Ranpak can help you with.

Our solutions

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